Tax advantages for mixed companies in Switzerland

Mixed companies are corporations that have most of their business activity abroad and any business activity conducted in Switzerland is considered only of secondary nature. Both Swiss and foreign shareholders may have a dominant influence on a mixed company, which means that foreign citizens are allowed to open mixed companies in Switzerland.

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How to setup a company in Switzerland as a foreigner

Switzerland is one of the world’s largest business centers, due tot the policies conducted by the Swiss government that support a competitive and dynamic business environment, while having strict financial laws at the same time.

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AG vs. GmbH in Switzerland – differences and similarities

The most common types of companies established by foreign entrepreneurs in Switzerland are GmbH and AG. Both types of companies have their advantages and disadvantages, therefore the following information might be very useful for those interested in opening a company in Switzerland, to help them make a decision.

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How to start a business in Switzerland

Switzerland is offering a very attractive business environment, including for foreign investors. The Swiss laws allow anyone, including foreigners to start a business in Switzerland, to form a company or to have a financial interest in one.

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Double Taxation Convention between Switzerland and UAE

The Swiss federal Council and the Government of the United Arab Emirates have decided to conclude a Convention in regard of the avoidance of double taxation with respect to taxes on income. The UAE is one of Switzerland’s most important economic partners in the Middle East, therefore a double taxation convention is meant to enhance bilateral economic relations between the two countries.

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Register a company in Switzerland

Switzerland offers many business opportunities for companies and corporations, which operate in various fields of activity. Therefore, registering a company in Switzerland is a smart business move, especially for companies looking to expand their activity abroad.

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