Have your finances under control and don’t miss any deadlines. We offer:

  • Financial management
  • Creation of financial statements and reports
  • Financial accounting
  • VAT, SUVA, AHV and other accounts
  • Representation before authorities

Bookkeeping services that ensure the best performances of a company are essential.

Our firm offers bookkeeping services and financial consulting for a large category of small and medium – sized companies from various industries.

STAX AG - Treuhand und Steuerberatung does much more than keep track of your documents. Knowing all aspects of your business finances, we are able to offer valuable advice, providing an objective view of your business.

Financial reports and financial statements are part of day-to-day business activities that are meant to ensure that the company is in compliance with all the necessary financial and aspects. The information obtained is valuable for tax planning and if offers a clear perspective of the way it is possible to develop further or to expand a company’s activity in the future.

If necessary, our firm is also able to provide representation before authorities. Moreover, our accounting experts are always aware of the legal aspects that need to be taken into consideration. Especially for smaller companies, having an accounting department can be a costly investment, while the bookkeeping services provided by our firm are tailored according to your company’s needs. Therefore, bookkeeping is one problem less that you have to worry about when starting your company in Switzerland.