Tax planning

Make sure you don’t pay too much tax! Here’s how we can help you:

  • Tax returns
  • Tax optimization and tax planning
  • Representation before tax authorities
  • Accounting and consulting for the Swiss and EU VAT
  • Accounting and consulting for the Swiss withholding tax

All entrepreneurs interested in investing in Switzerland agree with the importance of predictability of costs in creating and developing a business. Through effective tax planning, it is possible to optimize and predict the tax expenditure.

In our work, based on the Swiss tax system, related agreements and conventions concluded between Switzerland and various states throughout the entire world, and the European Directives in force, we can identify the best solutions to structure your business so that the tax liability total is reduced in compliance with all the rules and regulations in order. Tax planning is therefore a comprehensive process, influencing the way a company operates and generates long-term fiscal benefits.

STAX AG - Treuhand und Steuerberatung provides a wide range of tax planning services for a large number of clients operating in different economic sectors, from small business, to holding companies and subsidiaries. Our specialists can also advise on the implementation of tax efficient structures that will enable businesses and individuals to operate effectively in Switzerland.

We also provide representation before the Swiss authorities, as well as accounting and consulting services for the VAT in Switzerland and in the European Union, and for the Swiss withholding tax. Our goal is to enable are clients to benefit from tax incentives and regulations that are in their favor, while being in compliance with the financial laws in order in Switzerland.