Trust Services

Setting up a trust is a profitable way to protect your assets. We are able to provide:

  • Acting as trust protectors
  • Acting as professional trustees
  • Setting up a trust in Switzerland
  • Fiduciary and nominee services

Setting up a trust is one of the best ways to protect your investments and assets on the long term. Since the ratification of The Hague Convention and the Law Applicable to Trusts and their recognition in 2007, a trust established in a foreign jurisdiction is recognized under Swiss law. The law chosen by the settler in the trust deed governs the trust.

For families or individuals requiring several trusts under different applicable laws to accommodate different tax and regulatory requirements, these structures can therefore, be all conveniently managed under Swiss law by one trustee.

Generally the trust itself is never subject to tax in Switzerland, due to the lack of legal personality. Furthermore, trust assets and income cannot be attributed to the trustee or the protector. Therefore, Swiss resident trustee can manage assets without triggering a tax liability on the trust assets and income.

STAX AG - Treuhand und Steuerberatung is offering various trust services in Switzerland, from setting up a trust, to fiduciary and nominee services. We are also able to act as trustees or trust protectors, to make sure that all the assets included in a trust are protected. We will act in the best interest of our clients, offering advice and consultation whenever necessary.