Swiss Asset Management Company

Manage your assets by taking advantage of the high quality financial services provided by our team:

  • Asset Management & Fiduciary Company setup
  • SRO licensing via membership
  • Selling of premium aged companies
  • Providing a SRO Compliance Officer
  • Bank custodian

Swiss asset management companies offer foreign investors the possibility to manage their assets in an efficient and cost – effective manner. Asset management companies and fiduciary companies manage and invest the assets of one or more investors in order to reach various financial goals. The funds are usually invested in mutual funds, hedge funds or pension funds. The main goal of an asset management company is to increase the fund of the investors. It is one of the best ways to offer investors diverse options, based on financial market knowledge.

IG you’re interested in setting up an Asset Management Company or a Fiduciary company in Switzerland, STAX AG - Treuhand und Steuerberatung is able to provide you all the necessary support every step of the way. This includes registering with an officially recognized SRO and obtaining a license, in compliance with the rules and regulations in order for financial intermediaries.

We are also handling the sale of premium aged companies, for foreign investors who need a company with a formal history going back, due to legal requirements or for marketing purposes. Buying a premium aged company is a relatively simple and easy process, and it is a valuable investment for foreign clients who want to expand their business operations on the European market.