Corporate administration

Don’t waste your time with paperwork, let us handle all the hassle an provide you with the personnel required by law:

  • Company secretaries
  • Records maintenance
  • Administration of daily corporate processes
  • Drafting of statutory documents
  • Compliance with the anti – money laundering legislation

STAX AG - Treuhand und Steuerberatung is offering corporate administration and secretarial services in order to ensure that the company is compliant with all the relevant Swiss statutory obligations.

The administration, maintenance and filing of company records are the backbone of any corporate governance regime. To be done effectively, corporate administration requires experience and an understanding of the regulatory framework that applies to the organization in question.

With ever increasing regulations and escalating costs, many of our clients find that they have no reason to maintain the huge overheads associated with a fully functioning office facility nor do they necessarily have the time or expertise to keep themselves fully informed of the regulatory demands on their business.

By removing resource intensive, non-core administration activities, our corporate administration services provide our clients with the necessary support required to enable them to focus on their business.

Our services include preparing minutes of directors and shareholders meetings, maintaining statutory records and registers of the company, handling correspondence with authorities and other third parties, arranging the notarization, certification or legalization of company documents, undertaking due diligence requirements and assisting in obtaining licenses or permits for a company to perform various business activities, if necessary.